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USA newspaper Sacramento Bee on Big Data

"Stanford University and Neodata help them drive readers’ engagement."

Giugno 2018

"I think “big data” is the new electricity. You can still operate your business by candlelight if you want, but you’re going to have a real challenge as more and more companies around you convert to electricity.’" Tom Negrete, Director of Innovation, Sacramento Bee.

The American Press Institute has published an interview with Tom Negrete, Director of Innovation at Sacramento Bee, focusing on their experience with publisher- university partnerships. Sacramento Bee has recently launched a project aimed at leveraging Big Data to engage their readers through personalized recommendations, based on a study they have conducted with Stanford University and services provided by Neodata.

We share Tom’s vision that relationships between companies and academic institutions drive innovation. As a matter of facts, we are active partners of quite a few universities in USA, UK and Italy, and believe that you don’t have to be a multi-billion dollars company to be welcomed in the academic world, as long as you bring value. Actually, all of the universities we work with are keen to run research projects with us, where they learn from our experience and we benefit from their methodical, scientific approach to uncovering the potentials of data mining technologies. As a result, we don’t only keep up-to-speed with technology: together, we shape it and drive change globally. Maybe this explains how comes Neodata was the only Big Data provider sitting beside Google in UCLA’s invitational symposium that has just taken place in Los Angeles…but this is another story (click here to learn more).

Part of the project Tom led with Stanford students included collecting best practices from European newspapers, and this is how we met. They tested our recommendation systems and were surprised with the results they got in terms of readers’ response to their content. So now we work with Sacramento Bee, too, and it’s exciting to have passed Stanford’s scrutiny as they were looking for companies to support The Bee.