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Neodata sitting beside Google at a UCLA’s symposium

“The Rise of Data Science from Information Management to Big Data Analytics.”

Giugno 2018

“I was surrounded by Google people. It was fun to take part in the Panel Discussion and share Neodata’s experience both in academic research and on the field. I felt like David in front of Goliath.” Giovanni Giuffrida, our CEO

Big Data is a trendy concept lately. Actually Neodata has been working in this field for ten years now. I can’t even recall the number of sales pitches I put together over time in an effort to explain publishers how critical it is to invest in data analysis and get to know their audience, long before this became a widespread practice.
I have to say we’ve been lucky enough to meet knowledgeable companies along the way, some of which are now considered beacons in the online publishing world and renowned globally. As a matter of fact, Stanford University and Sacramento Bee found Neodata while examining European best practices in data mining applied to online publishing (interested in this story? Click here).

I was recently invited by UCLA’s Scalable analytics Institute (ScAi) to take part in the panel discussion following a symposium focused on Big Data analytics. I went there wearing my university professor hat, but also shared my experience as Neodata’s CEO. Guess who was sitting with me in the panel? Five Google representatives. No other providers of big data analytics services, no other Italian companies. I felt like David in front of Goliath, and it was amazing to realize once again that size doesn’t matter, as long as you’re capable of making the best use of your skills and focus your energy in the right direction.

I’m not going to write a post on the scientific discussion we ran. You can read more about it on ScAi’s website if you like.

This post is for Neodata employees and for the number of companies out there that specialize in this field and struggle to maintain their vision, gather funds and compete against giants: do what you do in the best way possible! Sometimes a small size allows to be faster, more flexible, more precise in tailoring solutions that fit customers’ needs like a handmade suit as opposed to mass-market clothing. When it comes to Big Data analytics, precision is key and it is personalization that drives competitive advantage – most of our clients appreciate the fact that we customize our platforms for them, and none of their competitors will ever know how they leverage their audience data exactly.

We cannot take over too many projects at the same time, but thanks to the range of scenarios we see and the new challenges we have to solve every day, we earn a seat beside Google. I can’t help being proud of this…

Giovanni Giuffrida
CEO of Neodata