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We’ve signed an agreement with IBM Watson

"The most powerful artificial intelligence system on earth."

June 2018

Its name is Watson. It was named after IBM’s founder Thomas J. Watson and it’s the most powerful artificial intelligence system ever created. It is a cognitive system that enables a new partnership between people and computers that enhances and scales human expertise. (cit. IBM).

Machines capable of incredible data-processing power are nothing new, but Watson can learn and interact with humans, and this makes it unique. It gathers information from a number of sources – news sites, scientific publications, e-shopping websites, encyclopedias, facebook shares and tweets…basically anything! – and combines data identifying correlations and logical relationships between concepts, facts, people. Then it answers questions – any question – pretty much like a human being. Watson can understand natural language, and this allows not only to interpret questions and classify information correctly, but also to learn the preferences of its conversation partners and answer accordingly. Watson is currently being deployed in a variety of field tests, including the development of applications for medical diagnosis.Neodata is the first Italian firm entering the Watson Ecosystem program.

We signed an agreement with IBM to develop a cognitive app for The Sacramento Bee, owned by the McClatchy Group. Scope of the project is to establish a new, richer, closer relationship between the digital newspaper and its readers, where they can search, find and share information in an increasingly personalized manner. We will use Watson’s technology to enhance our semantic analysis engines, improve user profiling and accelerate our capabilities to personalize the user experience accordingly. IBM and Neodata will develop “Personality Insights” for The Sacramento Bee’s readers, matching Watson’s universe of knowledge with user profiles collected by Neodata.

For the first time, Watson’s technology will be employed in the news publishing field, providing a unique, unmatched, unprecedented case study in the world.

Stay tuned…