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We're partners of Kahuna at the new edition of the Programmatic Breakfasts

Let’s have breakfast together, to talk about Programmatic Advertising - use cases, best practices and technology

June 2018

Neodata Group and Kahuna together at the new edition of the Programmatic Breakfasts


On September 14th Kahuna has kicked off the Programmatic Breakfasts, a cycle of monthly appointments dedicated to the marketing representatives of non-native digital companies, to better understand Programmatic Advertising.

Starting at breakfast time, the Programmatic Breakfasts last around one and a half hour and they give us the chance to get up-to-date and share practices and opinions on Programmatic Advertising. They're dedicated to marketing and communication managers and executives who wish to explore the Programmatic world with experts in the field.

Find out more about the programme and the subscription process on www.programmaticbreakfast.it.




Why talk about Programmatic?

Programmatic Advertising is growing in Italy, as confirmed by the Osservatorio del Politecnico di Milano: the estimated growth by the end of 2017 is +25% compared to 2016, reaching an overall value of 400 million euros and a share of 25% of the total display market. 

Although positive, this trend confirms that Italy is still an underdeveloped market as far as Programmatic Advertising is concerned, especially in comparison with the United States, where Programmatic investments represent over 75% of the display market.

While in Italy Programmatic Advertising is often associated to Real-Time Bidding, in the United States 60% of the investments are dedicated to private marketplaces, confirming that the assumption that Programmatic means RTB is probably responsible for its reduced penetration in our countries.

Other factors contribute to making the experience with Programmatic a failure or a success:
    •    the capability of developing ad hoc creatives depending on target and channel,
    •    the correct use of audience analysis tools, such as the DMPs,
    •    the capability of measuring performance in the right way



The most common doubts around Programmatic


Why do banners that perform greatly on Desktop, perform badly on mobile? 

Why do users who respond to video campaigns on mobile, respond badly on PC? 

Is there any difference in the profile of users who connect via mobile or PC?  Can I identify specific target groups by channel?

It is difficult to get return from every cent spent in Programmatic if you have no tools and processes that help you address these questions - just to name a few.

The added value generated by platforms such as DMPs, as well as the insights they produce and the decision processes that stem from them, are a real company asset. DMPs help build models that can become a point of reference within your organization to measure performance and return on investment.
The goal of the Programmatic Breakfasts

The Programmatic Breakfasts are a great occasion to discuss topics relating to Programmatic Advertising with experts in the field and to learn more about the platforms that help you improve the performance of your campaigns, such as the DMPs.



About Kahuna


Kahuna is the only independent agency in Italy entirely dedicated to Programmatic Advertising and RTB. Its management team has over 30 years of experience in digital marketing.

Kahuna's experts are the facilitators of the programmatic breakfasts. They host companies specializing in technologies and services for Programmatic Advertising, each time dealing with a different topic: from media planning to attribution models, to marketing, analysis and delivery platforms.




Neodata's role at the Programmatic Breakfasts


Neodata is Kahuna's partnering guest, expert in digital technologies that improve the ROI of programmatic campaigns. We're there as speakers, to share our experience and case studies.




On October the 5th we'll talk about...


It takes place on October the 5th in Milan, it's entitled "The Marketer in a Programmatic World" and we'll talk about Addressable TV. In particular, we'll focus on the use of DMPs as tools to gather knowledge about your digital audience that improves your targeting capability and we'll share a very interesting case study.  For more information, click here.