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We are pleased to have won Digit 2 Go, one of the driving forces in the field of digital transformation

June 2018

Frankfurt/Vienna/Budapest, November 2017


With the beginning of October, Neodata Group and Digit 2 Go have agreed to collaborate on consulting, sales, implementation, training and support for Exaudi, a data management platform for recognizing digital anonymous users and activating them for content marketing and advertising.

Exaudi, which integrates Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, allows the development of predictive analysis models that help identify target users, enabling companies to tailor their marketing, advertising and sales strategies.

Digit 2 Go is an innovation hub & digital solutions factory. 
Similar to a modular system, a "composite digital solution" is available that is tailored to individual requirements, i. e. a combination of proven product solutions and skills needed to achieve the goals of digital transformation.

"We are pleased to have won Digit 2 Go, one of the driving forces in the field of digital transformation in Austria and neighbouring countries, as a partner "says Patric Breuer, Sales Director DACH, EE at Neodata Group.

"Particularly in the area of DMP, it was important for us to be able to offer a platform that clearly sets itself apart from the competition in terms of security and ownership of the data collected, flexibility and ease-of-use. We trust Neodata's professional competence" says Stefan Szalay, one of the founders and managing directors of Digit 2 Go.

The platform will soon be presented to a first select audience at digital workshops in Budapest and Vienna.




About Digit 2 Go


Digit-2-go, based in Budapest and Vienna, has over 15 years of experience in building digital architectures and advises companies of all sizes on relevant topics. Digit-2-go is THE platform for companies of all sizes that want to push ahead with their digitization.
Working with established partners and innovative start-ups, Digit-2-go is able to offer a wide range of Digital Products & Services and Digital Talents.