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The Sacramento Bee chooses Neodata

"To drive readers’ engagement leveraging the latest Big Data technologies."

June 2018

The Sacramento Bee has partnered with Neodata to develop a multi-year project aimed at engaging their online readers through personalized recommendations.

The project – based on a study Tom Negrete, Director of Digital Innovation at Sacramento Bee, conducted with Stanford University – leverages Big Data to monitor content fruition, map user navigation patterns and weight that data to make real-time recommendations to readers on content, including ads.

Tom and his team from Stanford looked outside the North American borders to identify companies who had supported beacon publishers in similar projects, and this is how they met Neodata, who’s earned a place in the list of potential vendors thanks to its long-lasting experience with La Repubblica and other major Italian brands.

Neodata, who finally won the race, is providing training, consulting, data management, and development services to help The Sacramento Bee start and strengthen customer relationships, increase revenue from advertising, subscriptions and new revenue sources, focus news resources, and build better products and services.

Neodata will collect and analyze data through its proprietary solutions:

  • Newcurve, to help newsrooms make data-driven decisions by monitoring SacBee’s website traffic in real time and sending alerts to highlight performance peaks
  • Audience Analysis, to track and profile users based on navigation patterns
  • Recommendation widgets that leverage Audience Analysis data to provide a personalized experience to SacBee online readers, also on mobile channels

Based on the observed results, Neodata and The Sacramento Bee will work together to refine user profiling by matching behavioral data with paywall and subscription data and to develop new recommendation modules accordingly. They are also looking at augmenting user profiles through the integration of look alike algorithms.

“The Sacramento Bee is driving innovation in the whole industry” says Giovanni Giuffrida, Neodata’s CEO. “DMP (Data Management Platform) is probably the most popular acronym nowadays, as publishers, advertisers and agencies are searching for ways to drive efficiency in online advertising.
Leveraging Big Data to learn how to monetize editorial content and strengthen the relationship with readers is a braver challenge, but it is necessary to establish new quality standards in the news industry that both consumers and companies will benefit from.”

“The Sacramento Bee is committed to delivering the most engaging, valuable experience to their audience through a compelling, scientific and programmatic use of the most advanced technologies available today” continues Giovanni. “I’m confident that this will soon become a case study of interest for all the operators in the field.” 



About The Sacramento Bee


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