The NESSIE project of UPA and Neodata Group awarded by the WFA with the President's Award

28 April 2020

April 2020

The World Federation that brings together national associations of investors in advertising and communication has awarded theNESSIEplatformto bethe best international project for the management of big data for marketing and communication.

Milan, 6 April 2020. The NESSIE project, an UPA and Neodata Group partnership, wins a World Federation of Advertiser's (WFA) President's award for its marketing and communications big data management solution. The WFA President's Awards are awarded annually to national advertiser association projects that helped advance the marketer's agenda and made a significant business difference. The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) is a federation that connects the world's biggest brand owners and national advertiser associations to advance the industry.

WFA President and Mastercard CMO Raja Rajamannar has honored the cutting-edge and innovative character of NESSIE (Next gEneration System for Strategic Insight Exploitation) for its outstanding contribution and results in the last year. The NESSIE data management solution is writing a new chapter in the history of the marketing and communications industry.

The innovative scope of the project

NESSIE is one of the first international initiatives to deliver a shared consortium data management platform for several brands' big data. The solution offers its members a fundamental asset in the digital transformation process by improving advertising planning and the interaction between customer and brand, resulting in a significant reduction of costs.

The member brands share audience knowledge and insights through a common “data lake,” designed and developed by Neodata Group, supplier and technological partner of the NESSIE project. The overall goal is to foster more sustainable business models that comply with privacy rules by accessing only first-party data. Neodata Group utilized Microsoft® Azure cloud solutions as its underlying cloud infrastructure.

Brands mutually enrich HTTP cookies of those who navigate through their websites or as collected on various devices through digital advertising campaigns, with the aim of enhancing the data and transforming it into an audience profiling tool for optimizing marketing strategies. Brands can thus collaborate on projects and growth opportunities using data-driven marketing. 

The member Brands of NESSIE

Seven companies have joined NESSIE in 2019: Bolton, Henkel, Nestlé, Perfetti, Piaggio and Valsoia. Sixth Continent joined the project in 2020. New brands are currently joining the initiative and will be announced this summer. The project, only one year after its launch, is experiencing high praise on the Italian market, laying the foundation for future developments. Participating companies are enhancing their digital transformation processes by carrying out customized technological integration projects.

The future initiatives

Our shared commitment continues on several fronts:

- NESSIE’s working group extends to over 70 companies with the most interesting strategic activities to be discussed and shared in the field of data and technology applied to marketing;

- Offering training for marketing managers and young graduates on data science topics, through our "Master’s in data science for digital communication" course. Its second edition will start on May 8th;

- Starting audience extension advertising activities in May with exclusive partners;

- Providing useful tools to define the most suitable organizational methods for the management of new data-driven activities;

- Releasing technological integrations with all major DSPs,

- Defining the best strategies to succeed with the new digital tracking scenario following the Google Chrome declarations that will have significant impacts starting from 2022.

Thoughts of projects’ founders and members

NESSIE represents a unique project on the market, which allows the enhancement of advertising investments not only through physical or digital spaces but also thanks to the opportunities offered by the active management of data and the profiling of consumer behavior, made possible by new technologies. I trust that more and more companies will understand the benefits that this brand-new way of collaboration can offer and will join the initiative," says Lorenzo Sassoli de Bianchi, UPA President.

As technological provider and partner of the project, we are truly proud of our technology and consolidated experience contributions to the success of NESSIE. At Neodata, we strongly believe that a shared data management platform is the ideal solution for all players of marketing and digital communication, to collaborate and derive enormous value from common work. We sincerely hope that in the near future more and more companies will join the growing NESSIE big data family," says Tommaso Giola, Operations Director of the Neodata Group.

“As Nestlé Italy we decided to join NESSIE because we believe in this innovative project which enables brands to rely on a transparent partner to manage and share data, in a market scenario which is always more data driven. Through Nessie we can deepen the knowledge of our consumers and their behavior, delivering personalized 1-to-1 messages and experiences. In a “cookieless” scenario, we are counting on Nessie becoming always more strategic and flexible in order to experiment and define new data-driven standards,” declares Riccardo Schivo, data, personalization & eBusiness Lead Nestlé Italiana.

The data-driven marketing requires shared methodologies. The NESSIE project fits perfectly with this need, offering itself as a direct, agnostic and transparent work table. Sixth continent is proudly united with the initiative, aware of the potential and value of the project. The hope is that this best practice will inspire other global initiatives," says Simone Fortunato, Head of Media Sixth Continent.

 An overview of the projects awarded at the 2020 edition of the President's Awards is available at this link:

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