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The Lion, the Antilope and Big Data Analytics

June 2018

On occasion of the 2017 edition of IAB Forum, held in Milan on 29th and 30th November, the business magazine Media Key interviewed Neodata's CEO, Giovanni Giuffrida, and Rossella Munafò, Head of Marketing, to share Neodata's achievements, challenges and vision in the field of Big Data Analytics.

Giovanni Giuffrida takes us through Neodata's history, our offer and our commitment to innovation and research.

"Our main challenge for the future is to maintain our competitive advantage." says Giovanni.

"I'd like to end up this interview mentioning the tale of the lion, the antelope and the deer. The goal of the antelope is not to run faster than the lion - it's enough to run faster than the deer: if the lion catches the deer first, the antelope will be safe anyway. Neodata is the antelope."