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Sky has chosen Neodata Group: we now serve the top three Italian broadcasters

"A letter from Giovanni Giuffrida, CEO and founder of Neodata."

June 2018

Months have passed since the first time we met Sky Italia. They were looking for a video ad server to deliver digital advertising on their Sky Go and Sky On Demand services. After a rigorous selection process alongside a number of competitors, Sky Italia chose ad.agio.

Like every ad-server, our solution has its strengths and weaknesses. We constantly challenge ourselves to build the best product, and as new weaknesses emerged during the assessment process, we worked on improving them. In the end, Sky Italia chose Neodata because of ad.agio’s unique feature set and our commitment to continually improve our product.

Our company was founded on analyzing web traffic and using algorithms to profile and target online users. Our ad server, ad.agio, was a natural application of the knowledge we had accumulated through years of research. Now, more than ten years after we first launched ad.agio, we continue to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by quickly creating new ad-hoc features that allow our customers to test the efficacy of their digital advertising ideas.

It’s difficult to maintain a competitive advantage if the business tools you adopt are not constantly improving. We have always viewed our role as a technology partner rather than a supplier. We  work closely with our customers to turn their new digital advertising ideas into customized solutions.  When they achieve their business goals, we succeed.

We also  listen to our customers to learn what they like and dislike about the  products they are using. This feedback drives the development of  new features that help ad.agio maintain its competitive advantage. This is exactly what has happened with Sky Italia. Some features that were born out of this relationship include:

  • Multi-screen, cross-device campaigns that deploy user profiling data for a more efficient targeting, without requiring the installation of additional tags
  • Forecasts that take into account both actual delivered traffic and available placements that were not filled up because of targeting or frequency capping rules
  • Optimized advertising breaks that select ads dynamically, so as to fill up the available space at full, to the benefit of advertisers
  • Order Management modules that manage price lists, create orders and automatically transfer approved orders to the video ad server, saving traffickers’ time and reducing error rate
  • Integration of our video ad server with any CMS, CRM, SAP or BI system
  • Personalized interfaces, along with 24/7 customer support

Because of this commitment to our product, Sky Italia has joined our customer list, which also includes La Repubblica, RCS, Mediaset, RAI Pubblicità, Veesible (formerly Tiscali advertising) and many more.

I am writing this post to share that we’ve earned the trust of another remarkable brand, and also to thank all of Neodata’s employees and let them know I’m proud of our work. Thanks to the team who worked on the Sky project day and night. Thanks to Sky Italia for appreciating our effort and believing in us.

Giovanni Giuffrida
Catania, January 22, 2014