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PMOpartners will distribute Neodata’s solutions in Spain

July 2018

PMOpartners has reached an agreement with the Italian firm Neodata to distribute its technological solutions in the Spanish market.

Neodata is a technology provider helping publishers, media agencies, broadcasters and brands in multiple industries to collect, analyze and use audience data to achieve greater knowledge of their audience and users.

Neodata provides solutions that allow extracting value from user data, capturing users who who interact with brands in their digital properties.
Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies and combining data from online navigation and integrated data from other sources, such as Customer Relationship Management systems for example, the Neodata platform processes user profiles and generates audience segments that can be used for the targeting of advertising campaigns, as well as for the creation of predictive models.
If the objective of the brand is to offer more effective advertising campaigns, manage the relationship with customers in a personalized way, calibrate the product offer or monetize data through the sale of profiles, Neodata offers turnkey or customized solutions that adapt to the goal and can evolve over time.


Javier García Vizcaino, Director of Transformation, Data & Analytics at PMOpartners, values this agreement very positively, since "Exploiting Neodata Exaudi's technology will allow us to offer our customers the possibility of integrating their own data, whether from their CRM, their websites or mobile applications, allowing them to segment users, activate segments and offer relevant value propositions.
Likewise, the possibilities offered by Neodata for the enrichment of customer data (1st party data) with third party data (3rd Party Data) will increase their knowledge of the audience, providing greater value to the data, and being able, among other things, to establish new models to manage the relationship with their clients.
Finally, this data enrichment will allow our customers to create a data-partnership with other data providers (2nd party data) in order to reach new commercial agreements and develop new business models

For Juan Vázquez, regional director for Iberia and Latin America of Neodata, “The partnership with PMO fits into a program that aims at creating a select network of partners in the Iberian Peninsula, France and Latin America that we have been developing since 2017.
With PMO we are gaining traction in the Spanish market and we have already hired several companies to develop customized projects with the aim of extracting value from the data. We are successfully marketing our solutions to analyze the digital audience and recommend and deliver customized digital content.
PMO has extensive experience in Project Management, Business Intelligence and data analysis. These competencies combined with our platform are adequate to address scenarios in which it is relevant to have an excellent understanding of the client and where the assets are currently under-exploited.



PMOpartners is a specialized consulting services company. Its main advantage is to offer pragmatic, creative and progressive value solutions that optimize the real needs of each client in a personalized way.
It has a decade of experience and more than 35 specialized consultants.
It is specialized in the implementation and deployment of technological solutions, as well as in digital transformation and in the definition of data-driven business models.
The current environment requires that companies are oriented to data analysis. Not only they must be capable of processing and analyzing a large volume of data at high speed, but they must also put data at the centre of their strategy, processes and decision making. We are not just talking about technology. It is a process of digital transformation that turns data into an asset for the company.


exaudi, Neodata's Data Management Platform

Neodata has developed 'Exaudi DMP', a turnkey, extensible and customizable Data Management Platform, which takes advantage of factors such as semantic analysis and machine learning, among others, to collect, segment and activate user data obtained from multiple sources and devices.

It is equipped with an engine based on Artificial Intelligence techniques that allows the real-time matching of data coming from digital channels with information acquired from off-line sources such as CRM, Data Warehouses, Business Applications, etc. as well as the creation of users profiles, audiences and individuals, enabling to verify the performance of advertising and marketing campaigns, and infer the potential value of the client.
Once they have deployed `Exaudi DMP, brands have a 360º knowledge of their customers that is consistent across all their lines of business or products. In addition, they can create their own analysis models and incorporate them into different lines of business, turning unknown online users into people they can know and target.

Learn more about exaudi here.