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Neodata participated in “The Fourth International Conference on Machine Learning, Optimization, and Data Science”

September 2018

Giovanni Giuffrida, CEO of the Neodata Group, is one of the organizers and Program Chair of the conference. It has established itself as premier annual reference point in the academic world of the sphere of artificial intelligence and Big Data. Among the other organizers and leading professionals of the field we would like to mention Professor Giuseppe Nicosia of the University of Catania (Italy), a luminary in the field of bioengineering and design automation, and Professor Panos Pardalos of the University of Florida (USA), a globally renowned leading expert in the field of optimization algorithms.


The debate was very stimulating this year once again and the contributions of international speakers have been very interesting and thought provoking. Amongst these contributions there deserves a highlighting of the participation of the speakers Jörg Bornschein of DeepMind London (UK), and Peter Flach of the University of Bristol (UK), the director of the publication “Machine Learning Journal”. .

What has emerged is that the world of artificial intelligence is very pervasive and transversal. It has been several years now that the subject of Big Data has been talked about and many technological players are advancing towards this effect: the current problem is no longer the collection of enormous amounts of data, but rather the interpretation of such data. To achieve this, one must necessarily refer to intelligent systems, which means the integration of platforms with artificial intelligence and the development of increasingly accurate machine learning algorithms, namely the automated learning by software, through iteration processes.


Since its founding in 2004 Neodata Group has always provided extensive attention in developing competences and products: on one side the world of “research” with continuous updating occurring. The other is the world of companies that utilize technology which request innovative and evolved services that often need a partner able to provide technical consultancy in solving specific requests.


In this sense, we can anticipate that in the next conference which will be held on September 2019 in Tuscany, it will be discussed in a more extensive way the possible applications of Big Data in different areas and, therefore, it will allow an increased involvement by large companies directly interested in the multiple possibilities of transforming their data into profit and/or cost reductions.


For further information on the conference please find the link below: https://lod2018.icas.xyz/