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Neodata @ JPMorgan’s Innovation week

July 2018

On June 25th 2018, Neodata had the pleasure to participate to the opening of the Innovation Week in Geneva, an event organized by JPMorgan. It is a week long event that runs simultaneously in manyof the branches of the bank worldwide. The event alternates presentations from external companies to internal activities.

Neodata has been invited with a precise purpose: share an example of concrete innovation, not just an ambitious project but something that successfull

y met the market needs. On stage for Neodata, Luca Naso, Product Development Manager di Neodata Group, presented the Addressable TV case, a project designed and deployed to production with Mediaset (in 2017) with the purpose of building the TV of the Future.





New audience measurement technologies, new models for TV advertising sales

Luca showed not only how the technology enables the personalization of the experience for people watching TV and the quantitative measurement of the engagement, but also that broadcaster can now create new (and more modern) business models. We had the chance to illustrate the technology stack behind all of this, and some of the many challenges that Neodata and Mediaset had to solve to make something like this.

People were astonished to see a dashboard showing the real time evolution of the audience for a recent World Cup match (Serbia  vs Switzerland 1-2). The curve shows a clear path of increase of audience during the 1st part of the match, a drop at half time, then a strong increase again during the 2nd half and the final drop at the end of the match. Currently, Mediaset, as all other broadcaster, have to wait until the day after to have this data. Moreover, the data they eventually get is an estimate based on about 14 thousands households, while, thanks to the addressable TV project, they have real time data based on more than 2 million households (and counting).


This case raised enthusiasm: many questions were asked and a lively debate followed during the networking break soon after the speech.

We were really pleased to be invited by JP Morgan to share our experience as an innovator in the field of Big Data Analysis applied to the business, and even more pleased to receive such positive feedback from one of the most authoritative leaders in the financial sector, enabling businesses around the world to reach success through access to capital, expertise and innovation.

Reach out to us if you wish to know more about Neodata’s capabilities to drive innovation into your business.