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Neodata Integrates its Proprietary Ad Server [ad.agio] with PubMatic’s Strategic Selling Platform

July 2018

Neodata Group, the Italian leader in digital technology for online publishers, has integrated its ad server [ad.agio] with PubMatic’s Strategic Selling Platform.

This integration enables [ad.agio]’s clients, such as RAI, Mediaset, Tiscali and 4WMarketplace, to access innovative programmatic trading services such as Private Marketplaces, Real-time Bidding and audience extension, from a single interface.

[ad.agio] and PubMatic’s partnership is a key indicator in the region’s movement toward programmatic adoption. According to eMarketer, Italy is ranked 4th among European countries in digital ad spend and is expected to reach $2.7 billion by 2016. This tremendous growth reveals an impressive and sustainable development in comparison to other mature markets in this field.

Reserved campaigns managed through [ad.agio], combined with innovative technology provided by PubMatic’s platform generate advantages for all parties; advertisers can buy targeted impressions using 1st and 3rd party data, while publishers and sales agencies can sell their digital media to the highest bidders, opening their premium inventory to a broader, more discerning, international audience.

Neodata’s & PubMatic’s integrated platforms offers a number of unique features, including additional controls demanded by the European market:

  • Personalised Programmatic Management: Publishers can ensure defined priorities will be assigned to all RTB campaigns. They will be able to control their inventory, ensuring that it does not conflict with their agency sales relationships, or competes against reserved campaigns. Publishers can open all of their advertising placements, or a select few, to the RTB auction with the ability to set frequency limits.
  • Creative Review: Publishers and sales agencies will be able to approve or reject creatives by blocking unwanted advertising or prohibited content. Publishers will maintain full control over how they are delivering, whom they are delivering to and when; all whilst protecting their brand.
  • Private Marketplace: The Private Marketplace is a fast track, reserved environment where publishers can invite a selected group of advertisers and sales agencies. Opportunities are open to a selected group of premium clients before they’re made available to all.
  • Integrated Audience Analysis: Publishers adopting Neodata’s Audience Analysis solution in combination with their ad server, can enrich their profiled impressions with very detailed information on visitors’ interests, preferences and content consumption patterns, thus increasing the value of the inventory.

In addition, publishers will be provided with a customised interface, personalised reporting and dedicated customer service, 24/7. This ad-server integration can deliver across all media devices seemlessly, whether it be desktop, mobile or tablet, with Neodata’s ad server including set top boxes and SmartTV.

“This agreement is a win-win and a step forward for both PubMatic and us” says Giovanni Giuffrida, CEO of Neodata. “We offer our publishers the economic advantages of Real-time Bidding adoption and at the same time we protect them from the risks associated with RTB, providing full control on what gets published on their properties. On the other hand, thanks to our agreement PubMatic enters the Italian market more effectively than ever, counting on our consolidated local partnerships.”

“Our integrated solution is already in use by Veesible (formerly Tiscali Advertising)” noted Giuffrida. “We’re ready to offer it to all our customers and to whomever is willing to enter the programmatic trading world through PubMatic’s popular first to market solution, integrated with a made in Italy ad server that’s totally customisable and capable of profiling unique users thanks to its audience analysis features.  When Big Data and optimized delivery meet, all players in the online advertising field benefit from it; today optimised delivery includes Programmatic Trading by definition.”

Rob Jonas, VP and MD, EMEA and APAC, PubMatic says, “PubMatic is committed to ensuring that programmatic trading in Italy delivers value to publishers and agencies alike. Our partnership with Neodata will accelerate the adoption of  our platform by premium Italian publishers to manage both their premium and unsold inventory efficiently across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.”



About Neodata


The core of Neodata Group’s technology is a robust audience analysis toolkit capable of optimizing the delivery of any digital content for maximum impact, engagement, and revenue. Launched in 2004, Neodata Group became a leading provider of ad-serving solutions for publishers. Leveraging this analytics engine and their experience working with online publishers, Neodata Group began developing solutions for the editorial side of the clients they were serving.With offices in Milan, Catania and Los Angeles, Neodata remains the preferred partner of top Italian publishers, including Mediaset, La Repubblica, EditorialeDomus, Seat PagineGialle, Tiscali and RAI Pubblicità.



About Pubmatic


Since 2006, PubMatic has been at the forefront of developing innovative technology to help publishers automate the process of evaluating and selling their advertising inventory. PubMatic (PubMatic.com) gives premium publishers a real-time media-selling platform for managing revenue and brand strategy. PubMatic’s platform combines real-time bidding (RTB), the most comprehensive brand protection tools, unified optimization and audience insights as well as hands-on support to serve the world’s leading publishers. PubMatic is privately held, backed by funding from August Capital, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Nexus Venture Partners, and Helion.