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Ibermática will sell exaudi, Neodata's DMP, in Spain

July 2018

Ibermática reached an agreement with Neodata to distribute its technological solutions in the Spanish market, mainly focused on the Media, Sport, Financial, Insurance and Retail sectors.

Thanks to its proprietary Big Data analytics platform, which leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Neodata provides solutions that enable companies to more effectively tailor their messages and products to the tastes and preferences of customers and users, monetize their inventories and optimize the return on investment in advertising campaigns.


Juan Liedo, Director of Customer Experience at Ibermática Digital, evaluates this agreement very positively, because "With exaudi, our customers will be able to extract knowledge from the data and apply it in a practical and immediate way, to optimize the performance of their business. it's about listening to the audience, observing how they interact with the company, understanding who the users are, what motivates them or attracts them. It is a key tool for achieving business goals more easily, quickly and with an important scientific basis ", he explains.

Neodata has deepened the pioneering research and development of Big Data tools for audience analysis since 2004. Since then it has specialized in the development of a modular platform that collects, structures and analyzes data to profile users, so that companies can deliver personalized experiences.


For Juan Vázquez, regional director of Iberia and Latin America of Neodata, "Neodata Iberia is creating a small and selected network of partners in the Iberian peninsula, in France and in Latin America. For 14 years the base of our DNA has not changed: commitment, ability to listen to customers and quality. Ibermática, in addition to sharing these values with us, provides the appropriate digital skills to help our customers to economically exploit their data mine through our tools that, easy to use and integrate, allow to implement data monetization models, and are extremely useful for increasing the profitability of the company's information assets".



Ibermática is a global IT services company that has been operating in the market since 1973. Its activity focuses on the following areas: consultancy, infrastructure services, information system integration, outsourcing, and business integrated solutions. It also provides specific vertical solutions for the main markets (Finance, Insurance, Industry-Manufacturing, Services, Telecommunications & Media, Healthcare, Utilities and Public Administration).
Ibermática contributes to the digital transformation of companies, institutions and organizations, helping them to improve their competitiveness through the application of technology and knowledge. Today, more than 3,000 skilled professionals work in Ibermática in many American and European countries.


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