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Have we generated value in 2017?

June 2018

From Value, to Perception of Value, to Year-In Reviews


A message from:

Giovanni Giuffrida and Tommaso Giola
Neodata Group co-founders


2017 was a critical year for Neodata and, as a consequence, for those who have trusted us to be their vendor of choice. We’d like to share a few considerations with our employees, our customers, and those who do not know us yet.

Two words are not enough, so for those of you who are in a hurry to go back to work, the list is at the bottom of this page. Those who wish to understand how we got there and why those achievements are so important to us all (you included), may find it interesting to join us as we do some reflections. 


The beginning of a new year is the natural occasion for each one of us to go through achievements and losses of the previous year. From this analysis, we draw conclusions that will inspire our goals for the year to come – aiming to evolution and improvement is in the human nature after all.

The process is pretty much the same for companies; they analyse results with a view to understanding whether they’re going down the right route or they need to change their plans.

Like everybody else, we have taken the time to look back: the future before us depends from what we have become and how much we have learnt. It’s been useful for sure, but most of all it’s been startling, since seen together in a row, our achievements compound a list that has a great value for us, as well as for our customers who have trusted us to be their partners.

It is not obvious that you can close a year being able to say to yourself “I have generated value”. Moreover, saying that to yourself only is a waste of time for a company competing in a market that has value creation as its motto. 


The spreading of the Internet and the enhancement of audience analysis, profiling and real-time targeting technologies have caused significant changes at all levels: new consumption habits have been established, which have had an epochal impact on our business models and have offered new opportunities to developing countries, in a sort of Industrial Revolution that has now reached the 4.0 stage. This revolution forces us to evolve, both as individuals and as organizations, at a steady, sometimes pressing or even frantic rate.

If in the past competition was about surprising the market through innovative products and services and conquering the trust of your target customers, nowadays consumers’ habits have consolidated new expectations that put pressure on the organizations and, as a consequence, on all the companies that live on products and services for sale in business landscapes.


The life of a company depends on its capability to keep the pace, now more than ever.
Keeping the pace does not only mean being able to grant expected quality standards anymore; it means largely being able to disseminate a perception of value very quickly. Today, it is the perceived value of a product or a service, and not necessarily (or not only) its intrinsic quality that determines the capability of a company to flourish.
This is a huge advantage for the big companies that aggregate and distribute products and services – but also knowledge, information, emotions, relations…- quickly to well identified target groups, and a big challenge for the organizations competing against them: the big companies drive the perception of value in the market and they lead expectations and trends.


If you’re wondering whether it took us to go through the end of year reflections to reinvent the wheel…well, no.
It took us to go through the end of year reflections to become aware of the value we have created thanks to the commitment of all of our employees and partners, and to realize how difficult it’s been for us to spread the perception of this value.

We’re a company made of 40 people and we develop high-quality and high-complexity solutions that help other companies keep up with the Industrial Revolution 4.0. 

What’s the imperative of Big Data Analytics experts like us? It’s that of companies which reckon that they sit on a gold mine, but don’t know how to extract that gold: Monetize Data, which is extracting value from data in order to spread (or help others spread) the perception of value in the market as quickly and effectively as possible.

Here’s what we’ve done in 2017 to help publishers, broadcasters, media agencies and brands to Monetize Data. Luckily, quality is still a rare and precious commodity in our line of work.

Wishing us all well in our work!



End of Year Recap


The Business

  • Our revenue in 2017 has grown 30% compared to the previous year and the revenues generated by professional services have more than doubled. This confirms that our capability of delivering custom solutions based on the customer specific needs is one of our most valuable competitive advantages.
  • We have tracked and delivered advertising content on a number of channels:
    • Linear TV: individually targeted advertising (Addressable TV based on the profile of the individual watching TV) based on audience profiles created through our Data Management Platform exaudi
    • OTT, on Sky Q’s new OTT platform and Mediaset Premium Play
    • SmartCam, on Mediaset Premium’s connected devices
    • iOT, through the tracking of connecyed devices (vending machines and hotspots)
    • Web, display and video on the portals of Sky Video and Rai Play; native advertising on the portals of national and international publishers
    • Mobile, delivering contents on the mobile apps of Sky Sport and X Factor
    • Messaging (Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger)
  • We have moved to our new offices both in Milan and Catania, ready to welcome new resources on board
  • We have renewed our brand image and launched a new webiste, which has won Mediastars’ first prize as “The best Corporate Website in 2017”

Our Customers

  • We have opened new commercial offices in Spain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • One of the major European consumer credit groups has become our customer. We’re helping them integrate their risk models into our DMP, exaudi. Their goals are to associate each user to the best offer in real time, during navigation, based on a score identified through our predictive models, and to provide marketing with tools to optimize the performance of online campaigns.
  • Italian customers continue to value our work: we have expanded the sectors which we operate in from Media and Broadcasting to Finance, Retail, Advertising and Sport, and we have a retention rate of 95%


  • We have integrated additional third-party platforms such as The Trade Desk, Mediamath, Google Display Network, Krux and Bluekai (import/export bi-directional integration of audience segments).
  • We have opened communication channels with Gigya, Adobe, Kochava, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics.


  • We now give you the possibility to integrate Auditel data into our DMP, exaudi, to enrich the classification of the TV audience based on Auditel targets, exploiting data coming from the programmes watched on linear TV as well as on Premium channels. Now our broadcasters clients can create audience segments profiled using Auditel data to deliver targeted TV advertising on connected devices.
  • Exaudi is now equipped with new dashboards allowing to monitor TV audiences in real time. This opens the doors to new applications, such as the real-time  monitoring of adv campaigns performance, or of the visits to a specific editorial network. 
  • We have integrated second tier IAB categories (284 categories) into user profiling. These can be used for segments creation.


  • We have contributed to the organization of the Technologies for Advanced Programming masterclass at the University of Catania, involving Tableau, Microsoft, Omnicom Media Group and Publitalia
  • We’ve been program chairs and have taken part into the selection committee of the 2017 edition of the International Conference on Machine Learning, Optimization and Big Data (MOD). It provides an international forum for presentation of original multidisciplinary research results, as well as exchange and dissemination of innovative and practical development experiences, and it consists of four days of conference sessions.
  • We work daily with experts in advanced technologies such as Spark and Stream processing.